ASI StemFlex world exclusive formulated for ASI Network worldwide contain UCII® and AFA extract, a breakthrough formulation that helps you to get relief from your joint pain within a week.

UCII® (Un-denatured Type II collagen) is the same protein found in health cartilage. A patented process gently preserves Type II Collagen from cartilage, leaving the protein intact. UCII® actually helps reprogram your immune system which convinces cartilage to maintain a healthy structure. Other type of Collagen are not processed in this same way and are therefore not effective in such a small dose.

AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) is a filamentous blue-green algae species which rich of phycocyanin. Phycocyanin responsible for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

With is unique formulation, you can relief your joint pain in short period of time and allow the body to rebuild joint cartilage. This is a revolutionary joint support supplement formulation in market without any side effect.

FAQ of ASI StemFlex?

1. What is ASI StemFlex?

A complete joint health formula, featured patented UCII ® (Un-denatured type II Collagen) and AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) Extract.

2. What is UCII?

A complete joint health formula, featured patented UCII ® (Un-denatured type II Collagen) and AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) Extract.

UCII is Un-denatured (native) type II collagen which derived from chicken sternum cartilage, a revolutionary new dietary ingredient that works with immune system to promote healthy joint, increase joint mobility and flexibility (FDA- Notified and published new dietary ingredient).

Support by 6 human clinical studies, including research at Harvard University Medical School, UCII ® is the only source of Un-denatured Type II collagen available as effective and stable dietary ingredient (four US patens and International patents pending)

3. What does ASI StemFlex do?

Improve and promote joint mobility and flexibility

Prevent deterioration of joint cartilage

Work effectively on Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Relief joint pain

4. What does ASI StemFlex do?

UCII Un-denatured Type II collagen administered orally works with the immune system to promote healthy joints by a process called oral tolerization. In addition, AFA Extract which rich of phycocyanin have anti-inflammatory properties can help to relief joint pain. Clinical study also show that consumption of AFA Extract triggered a significant 25% increase in the number of circulating stem cells.

5. How is ASI StemFlex different?

Did your joint supplement can do? ASI Stem Flex G + C

Suitable for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Yes No

Can Let our own body to rebuilt damage cartilage Yes No

Can reduce joint pain in short time Yes No

Can prevent T-cell to degraded the cartilage Yes No

Fast effect within 7 days Yes No

Suitable for person who have shellfish allergy Yes No

Dosage can reduce after taking certain period Yes No

Can use as preventive purpose Yes No

Suitable for blood sugar, insulin, and/or hemoglobin A1c (a test that measures how well blood sugar has been controlled during the previous three months) levels in people with diabetes or insulin resistance. Yes No

Total solution for joint problem Yes No

Free from adulterant Yes Yes

Safety study establish Yes Yes

Natural source Ingredient Yes No

Patented ingredient Yes No

6. How much ASI StemFlex should I take?

For treatment, the patient should take 1 capsule each time, twice daily before meal. For maintenance or preventive purposes, 1 capsule daily.

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