ASI NETWORK WORLDWIDE SDN BHD is a rapidly growing construction company that focuses on delivering the best of construction and consistently developing new ideas to deliver quality results to our clients. We do this by working as an integrated team using all aspects of management that focuses on changes and processes that are both robust and repeatable.

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As with our Video Production unit we have assembled a strong and capable team of developers, who are currently developing a totally decentralized solution to global trade. This platform which is being developed leveraging the block chain made famous by Bitcoin will give us an unfair advantage as the present paradigm that uses trusted third parties becomes less and less competitive due to this block chain technology which promises to revolutionize banking and the issuance of currency as we know it today.

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ASI’s core business will remain in Network Marketing as we have built our foundation from it recognizing that it still is the best and most efficient way to take new products to constantly evolving market. As such we are well positioned by our forward thinking vision to meet the competition head-on in the marketplace where the consumers vote with their dollars and sense. Today the industry is plagued by many “get rich quick” schemes which we see as one of the greatest challenges to the network marketing industry as a whole. Therefore a solution to this is to make it an imperative that our value proposition and market differentiation be properly articulated and demonstrated by always improving the opportunity we are making available to the newest members of our family. To the extent that we succeed in this imperative we shall continue to be successful and profitable.

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We have obtained a Wholesale Rice License from Ministry of Agriculture for the purpose of storing, packaging and distributing of rice. Wholesalers as well as retailers are also welcome to purchase these commodities from us. Our business model allows our MLM Members to source and purchase for their daily needs under one roof. In addition to enjoying attractive discounts, they may also earn reward points from their purchases which are redeemable in a number of ways.

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ASI’s video production is not based upon creativity alone, but combines the artistic, as well as the academic and engineering experience needed to meet or exceed a given target audience’s needs and preferences.

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